When Camtasia Won't Render a Font Properly and How to Fix It

What to try if Camtasia won't render a font correctly or not at all.

I had this issue a few times, when Camtasia wouldn't display a font properly.  The font had been installed for a long time, Camtasia showed it in the list of fonts. But when I selected it, the text on screen or the asset I added it to didn't show up correctly. It just rendered like a generic font or Arial.

How to fix the issue

The way I fixed it, which might work for you, is to follow these steps:

  1. Close Camtasia
  2. Uninstall the font from your Windows Fonts directory
  3. Locate your original font file (re-download it if necessary)
  4. Right-click on the font and select "Install for all users"
  5. Reopen Camtasia and see if it renders it correctly now.

For me, this fixed it and I was able to use that font. I almost gave up and used a replacement that wasn't part of the client's branding.

Let me know if this works for you in the comments!