How Can You Still Use Descript's Classic Interface?

You can still use Descript Classic even inside the new updated version, but it's project-specific.

After the launch of Descript Storyboard, Descript announced that the Classic interface was going away. No date was specified for the deprecation but I expect it will go away sometime in 2023.

You can still use the old interface at the moment though. The interface you see is project-dependent. So if you have old projects that were created in Classic, you will see the Classic interface when you open them.

When you create a new project now, by default you will get the Storyboard version of the UI. This is the same as clicking the blue button on the main drive interface:

Clicking the blue "New project" button will create a Storyboard project

Creating a Descript Classic Project

If you click "New Classic Project" however, you will create a new Classic project:

You can still create Classic Descript projects but for how long?

When is Descript Classic Going Away?

I don't know how long this possibility will be available. I imagine at some point, Descript will prevent new projects from being created using Classic, and will only allow you to open old projects created in that version for editing.

Then, I expect all those older Classic projects will be come read-only. Just a guess.

Which version are you using the most? Still clinging to the Classic or have you taken the plunge into the new version?

I highly recommend the Descript Storyboard version. It still has its bugs and things move around a lot, but it has become much more stable than last year when it was in beta.

Struggling to Move to Storyboard?

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