What does "Unlimited Overdub" mean in Descript Pro subscriptions?

Descript has a much-loved feature called Overdub, which allows you to generate audio from text (text-to-speech) with your own voice.

However, there's a distinction in the subscription plans for this Descript feature:

  • The Descript Creator Plan which costs less, only allows you to generate a pre-determined list of 1000 words, and no more. In my opinion, it's a pretty useless feature and it won't really help you generate any meaningful phrase with your voice. I think it's meant to only let you replace or add common words if you've pronounced them wrong or omitted them.
  • The Descript Pro Plan is the one that allows you to generate Overdub with unlimited words. This means, you can type a text and generate speech from that text using an Overdub voice, without limitations.

The Creator Plan limitations to Overdub will instead replace the words with 'gibberish'.

In order to use the Overdub features to create audio from text using your voice, Descript requires a training sample with your voice or a recording of your voice for training purposes. It also requires a specific text to be read and recorded by you, as a permission or authorisation. After your Overdub voice is created, trained, you can use it or share it with other collaborators so they can generate speech from your voice. This is useful if you have a virtual assistant or collaborator who is editing your podcast episodes or audio, so they can easily correct your speech if necessary.

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