Descript Coaching

If you need one-on-one help with Descript Storyboard, getting started, migrating from Classic or just have questions or issues, look no further!

I provide coaching for the new version of Descript Storyboard. I've trained more than 60 clients already, and I'd love to look at your particular needs and help you get going.

From my coaching clients

Here's what some of my clients had to say about our coaching sessions:

"I cannot recommend Cristi's coaching services enough. [...] I was quite intimidated to learn an entirely new software system. However, Cristi has such deep expertise that he put my fears to rest by the end of our first session.

Cristi has a knack for teaching critical elements of the software in minutes that would take me hours to uncover on my own via online tutorials. His guidance has exponentially expedited my learning of the interface and, more importantly, how to leverage it in ways that address my specific project needs.

He brings such a professional and pleasant demeanor to every interaction that I actually enjoy the learning process. He truly is a gem and a wealth of knowledge."

Jandi Kelly, University of Michigan Center for the Study of Higher & Postsecondary Education

How does it work?

You schedule a session, we hop on Zoom call, walk through your questions over 1 hour and at the end, you get the recording so you can re-watch if you need to.

My rates for coaching are $79/hour at the moment. You can pay that at the time of scheduling. I provide a discount if you think you'll need more sessions.

Wow! Cristi is the best. He knows his stuff cold. Cristi provided me with one-on-one consulting via Zoom for the video editing software Descript that I had been struggling to learn based on the company's tutorials. I would never have been able to use the Descript software as effectively and efficiently as I do today without Cristi's consulting.

The guy is patient, insightful and a problem solver. As an added bonus, Cristi is always available. I hope he actually sleeps. Just kidding. If you are looking for consulting services from an authority, hire this guy! You will thank me for the recommendation.

Peter Zalewski, Host at Miami Real Estate Investing Podcast

Schedule a coaching session with me

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Speaking with Cristian for 30 minutes saved me hours on the learning curve of Descript. [...] I recommend Cristian if you need any help with the complex tools he specializes in. Happy to have found a great video editing coach.

- Matteo Cassese, Business Coach

My Descript Course

I've also launched a Descript Storyboard course that's going to have around 80 sessions and more than 10 hours of content.

Descript Storyboard Course

If you enjoy my tips and tutorials, you can get the same level of teaching in my Descript Storyboard Course! With more than 7 hours of video content, I walk you from beginner to pro with tips, tricks, techniques and advice. Check it out!

Get the Descript Course

The course also includes future updates when Descript makes changes (they do that A LOT) and a community where I answer questions, do some live shows, Q&A, all that.


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